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New Finds & Current Favourites

I am constantly on the look out for new shops, cool inspiration and fun ideas, and recently I seem to have come across a lot of really great things. The feeling of discovering a cool brand, or rediscovering an old idea or place that you used to love is such a great one and I thought what better to do today than to share my new (and old) discoveries so that you can enjoy them too. Let's share the love and I hope that through this post today you will discover some new favourites of your own! So, without further ado, here are ten of my latest finds and favourites.

Printable Present Buying Planner

Are you worried about how you are going to keep track of all of the different presents that you are gifting to family and friends this year? In the past I have really struggled with Christmas present organisation, there is just so much to think about and before you know it you are panic buying boxes of cheap chocolates for the people that you have 'forgotten'. Arghh, I hate it! This year I decided that enough was enough with the Christmas present stressing & that I was going to create a little planner to help me keep track of everything. I love to be organised and so the idea of having a planner that I can use to jot down all my ideas and budgets makes my heart sing with joy. Today I am going to be sharing my planner as a free, printable download so now you can use it to keep track of all of your ideas and purchases too! Yay, for this year's Christmas being the most organised Christmas ever!

Gift Giving 101

Giving presents is something that I have loved for as long as I can remember and so when it comes to sorting out all the presents each year at Christmas time, I am in my absolute element. My friends have always said that I am a "good present buyer" (whatever that means!) and are always asking me to share the secret to giving great gifts. Well, I thought today I would finally put them all out of their misery and share some of my top gift giving tips with you all, as well as a few of my favourite places to find inspiration. I am going to chat through a few situations that you might find yourself in on your hunt for presents and how to conquer them, in the hope that it will help you buy inspired gifts for all of your favourite people. And I don't mean to panic you, but as it is only 23 days until Christmas we better get going! 

DIY Circle Pom-Pom Garland

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is the decorating our home. I love putting up the tree & adding little Christmas touches all around the house, so cute! However, when it comes to taking them down in January, the enthusiasm begins to wane & it can seem like an endless task. This got me thinking how great it would be to have some non-traditional Christmas decorations with a neutral design, some that could stay up until mid-January without anyone judging us for not taking down our decorations! Doesn't that sound great? Well after pondering for a while I thought why not make my own, so I did and they turned out so well that I thought I would share them with you today. Garlands are such a great, no hassle way of decorating your home and now you can make one (or more) too with today's do-it-yourself circle pom-pom garland. 

3 Days, 3 Outfits

I have loved putting outfits together, for myself and for my friends, for as long as I can remember and getting dressed has long been one of my favourite parts of my morning routine. I have so much fun creating different outfits on a day-to-day basis that I thought today it would be cool, rather than only sharing one outfit with you, to share a few days worth so you can really get an insight into what I typically wear. Let's note that this is what I wear on days when I am going out of the house and it is a very different fash-un story when I am chilling at home... we will go into that another day! Anyway, today I am going to give you an insight into what I am loving to wear at the moment and I hope you enjoy having a good nosey into my current wardrobe!