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Style File: The Modern 80s

Anyone else a fan of the 80s? I love it so much that I often think that I was born in the wrong era. It was definitely a time of amazing, experimental fashion (if you block out the leg warmers & stirrup pant) and much to my joy the trends of the day, like huge shoulders, big hair & chunky earrings, seem to be back with a modern twist and I'm lovin' it. Today I thought I would share a recent purchase that is giving me a small slice of what it felt like to be dressed up & ready to go in the 80s. The oversized blazer of dreams.

5 Magazines to Fall in Love With

Magazines have captured my imagination for as long as I can remember and I can't believe that it has taken me this long to feature them on here because they are literally one of my absolute favourite things EVER. As much as I really love to read blogs, for me they will never replace that feeling of a magazine in my hands, something tangible to hold, read and keep; not to mention that I find myself constantly referring back to them for inspiration and guidance. My collection is huge, and some would say out of control (anyone who knows a great way to store magazines hit me up), and so today I thought I would share my passion with you. Let's have a chat about some of the magazines that I just can't help keep buying and reaching for.